i-CASS MultiDoor Access System

I-CASS Security Door Access System is used to control and manage the assessment of door or barrier user at the premises. In addition, access control system can be used to control lift. It can be configured to control floor accessibility up to 16 floors/32 floors/48 floors, in multiple of 16. CTR-16 16 relays controller controls the floor selection button. Expanding the system from controlling 16 floors to 20 floors is only by adding one more CTR 16 to the system.

Each user of the CASTLE I-CASS is issued with an access card.

An access card is encoded with the following information:

  • User Card Number
  • The User Card Number is a 10-digit number that uniquely identifies each card holder.

    The Personal Identification Number is a 4-digit number. This PIN code feature provides a higher level security by requiring the cardholder to flash the card and to enter the PIN code to open the door. The CASTLE I-CASS can be programmed to operate in CARD ONLY Mode or CARD + PIN Mode.

    Support 4 different operation modes

    System is capable to operate on 3 different modes, which are controlled by time zone.

    4 operation include PIN only mode card only mode, card + PIN mode and dual card mode. System will operate on theses operating modes according to the user time setting.