CASTLE Car Park System

CASTLE Car Park System is used to control and manage the assessment of door or barrier user at the premises.

Each user of the CASTLE ES SERIES is issued with an access card.

An access card is encoded with the following information:

a. User Card Number

The User Card Number is a 10-digit number that uniquely identifies each card holder.

The Personal Identification Number is a 4-digit number. This PIN code feature provides a higher level security by requiring the cardholder to flash the card and to enter the PIN code to open the door. The CASTLE ES SERIES can be programmed to operate in CARD ONLY Mode or CARD + PIN Mode.

Main Features of ES-System System

  • CASTLE door accesses controller and door reader setting configuration function.
  • Software setting parameters configuration entry.
  • Software personalization function. (User definable reports displaying logo, user company name and 2-user definable cardholder entry field).
  • Serial communication port configuration function.
  • 255 sets of user configurable timer interval record and with two system pre-assigned time interval settings. (No access time interval and 24 hours free access time interval).
  • 255 sets of user configurable timer zone record and with two system pre-assigned time zone settings. (No access time zone and 24 hours free access zone time zone).
  • 255 sets of user configurable door accessibility record and with two system pre-assigned accessibility settings. (24 hours no access and 24 hours free access).
  • 10,000 cardholders are allowed to install at each of the CASTLE door access controllers. 10,000 transaction buffers retain at the CASTLE door access controller memory (Circular Buffer - FIFO order).
  • A single and non-overnight shift working hour definition is allowed for time attendance reporting.
  • 100 sets of user configurable holiday calendar settings.
  • Multiple user logon id assignment functionality.
  • 100 sets of user menu command accessibility assignment settings.
  • User authenticates check on logging into the SmartGuard application.
  • Alarm beeping sound will be activated in case of door access alarm event occurs. (Door left open alarm, Door force open, Door reader down, Controller down or Duress alarm). Dynamic switching floor plan map display. Configurable floor plan tools (Insert new map file, Insert monitoring point, Delete monitoring point, Reposition the monitoring point display screen location). Floor plan display point tag name text on or text off display option. On-line transaction display on all door reader, which connected to the system. On-line controller communication status for all installed door accesses controller. User friendly operation environment. Current date and time display panel. The system can hold up to a capacity of 255 maps, depending on the size of hard disk. (20 display point per map per file, floor plan map file format-. BMP). The system had built-in a logging facility to save all incoming transactions into hard disk. Operate as a self manages Security Access Control System and with capability of reporting, the event transactions.. Comprehensive reporting generation function (Software setting data, transaction logging data, simple daily time attendance report and monthly time attendance report). Automatic transaction uploading function from CASTLE door accesses controller to PC. On-line help messages. A report can be previewed before producing it into hardcopy form feature. Remote controlling function on all connected CASTLE door access controller. (Security On/Off, Remote pulse door release and Door parameters download function). Cardholder information updates to CASTLE door access controller function. Housekeeping tools for managing the SmartGuard application. (Backup/restore SmartGuard data file, Simple time attendance transaction export function, Unwanted transaction file purging, Recreate database indexes, Change current logon user password). Transaction log file viewer function. Built in single shift non-over night time attendance system. Generate time attendance record from raw transaction process. (Door access transactions) In conclusion, the SmartGuard application is a integrated Security System which is emphasize on easy, simple and user friendly environment and besides providing with total security solutions for managing premise security operation.